A passionate collection by multi-talented Tomohiro Ozawa,
who is renowned for providing numerous project-based designs for Japanese & international brands.
The designer, who makes no compromised in, Clothing, Pictures, Music, will be collaborating with
international artists / masters of different crafts, jointly producing cutting edge items.
He handpicks materials from all over the world with the challenge to “supremacy”, “Ultimate”
in his heart, creates pieces transcends not just ”Clothing”.
His “artwork” uplifts wearer and makes a deep impression.
These special collections are made with premium materials and crafted with scrupulous care.
Only limited numbers are made for those who truly appreciate the brand value.
The will be random collaboration with prestigious brands, many of those will be “the first-ever” projects.

These are also “VIP collections”, exclusive order-made collection of leather & tailor-made suits.